​​A HEAT: The evolution of the concept of system

August 29, 2013 – 03:09

A HEAT: The evolution of the concept of system

è un sistema energetico innovativo a elevata efficienza per la produzione e l'utilizzo dell'energia termica ed elettrica negli edifici. - A Thermal is an innovative energy-efficient system for the production and use of heat and electricity in buildings.

è in grado di rendere l'edificio energicamente attivo,ovvero produrre più energia di quella che serve per il fabbisogno elettrico e termico.- A Thermal is able to make the building vigorously active,ie to generate more energy than you need for electricity and heating requirements.

è costituito da una serie di componenti assemblati ed ottimizzati all'interno di un progetto integrato edificio-impianto. - A Thermal consists of a series of components assembled and optimized within an integrated project building-plant.

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Download Presentation and technical data THERMAL A and Table of comparison with other systems Heating / Cooling


A single physical support,thanks to the technology used,is capable of emitting warm in winter,cool in summer,exchanging heat with the outside and to capture solar energy when necessary.
The modularity of the support and flexibility make different types of simple integration architecture,or architectural furnishings,such as:

  • Glass walls thermo-photovoltaic and thermo-photovoltaic roofing
  • Walls with the function of heat sink (summer cooling,etc.).
  • Panel RADIANT AND absorber (A SOLAR) aluminum ROLL-BOND: It is the heart of the system,using it in the ceiling,you get a radiant heating system,high efficiency,capable of emitting heat and cold with low temperatures than any other panel (Temperature fluid16 ° C in cooling mode),and this because the channeling for the circulation of a fluidio or a gas,is integrated with the surface of the same exchange,because part of this.Used outdoors,it is able to capture solar energy when it is present and can be used to produce sanitary hot water,or act as a heat exchanger for a heat pump Water-Water in both winter and summer seasons.The panel captante ROLL-BOND can be used in coupling to a glass or integral with the back of a photo-voltaic panel,both in crystalline silicon technology in "Thin Film".
  • Thermal Energy Transfer: This takes place through heat pump high efficiency,with exchange Water-Water.Even in the absence of sunlight,the panel A SOLAR is able to exchange heat with the surrounding environment and transfer it to the incoming fluid to the heat pump.In cases where we need higher powers and / or do not have enough space,the cold source heat pump can be kind of geothermal compact alongside the A SOLAR panel.
  • Generator Electricity and Heat: photovoltaic panels,Thermo-Photovoltaic Hybrid and / or Heat (A SOLAR).It is produced at the same time - by the same panel and / or separate panels - electric and thermal energy.The thermal energy is used directly for the production of domestic hot water and / or a solar charging of geothermal probes compact.
  • Integrated control system parameters living comfort: The adjustment of the physical parameters of environmental well-being - such as relative humidity,operating temperature - are governed by an intelligent control unit that also takes care of optimizing the use of energy resources,based on performance and instant estimates of external climatic conditions (predictive system).
  • Accumulations of energy: The system provides accumulations energy,both electrical and thermal,so as to work the various components to their maximum efficiency and then accumulate the excess energy to use it at a later time.

Source: www.entropiazero.it

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