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Aluminum now has broad industrial applications,mainly due to the following features: (1) Light Aluminum accounts for only one-third of the steel in the lightweight transport plays an important role in this respect,bodywork applications such as buses,bicycles,cars and other rapid transit system. (2) Corrosion resistance

Al in the natural environment of the oxide thin film formed on the surface can block the air of oxygen to oxidize,have excellent corrosion resistance,and then the aluminum surface as the surface of a variety of different treatment,the better corrosion resistance,may be suitable for outdoor and relatively harsh environmental Using. (3) Formability Utilize fully annealed (or part annealing) to produce the soft aluminum,suitable for all kinds to form processing requirements,typical applications in this regard,such as aluminum wheels,ceiling-mounted lamp,capacitor housings,aluminum pots and so on. (4) Strength The use of alloy addition and rolling,heat treatment processes produce strength 2kg/mm ​​2 ~ 60kg/mm ​​2 different intensity levels of product to apply to a variety of different strength requirements of the product. (5) Surface treatment of
Aluminum has excellent properties including surface treatment anodized surface chemical treatment,coating and electroplating,etc.,especially anodized to produce a variety of different color,hardness coating to suit various purposes. (6) Conductivity The conductivity of copper aluminum 60%,but the weight of copper is also only one-third of the same weight of aluminum,the conductivity of copper twice,so the terms of the conductivity measurement phase,the cost of aluminum than copper Cheap,in this regard to the application of electrical conductors up. (7) Thermal conductivity
The excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum,it is in the family hardware,air conditioners heat sink,heat exchangers applications widely. (8) Processing Aluminum particularly good workability can be processed into rods,wire,extrusion profiles for a variety of purposes,especially aluminum extrusion resistance,the amount of aluminum extrusion profiles in an important proportion. (9) Sealability Aluminum and aluminum-magnesium alloy welding resistance,structures and vessels in an important application of position. (10) No low temperature brittleness Aluminum in the ultra-low temperature state,no general carbon steel of low-temperature brittleness problem,suitable for low-temperature equipment,ships and so on. (11) Non-toxic Aluminum non-toxic,in a very wide range of food uses,such as food packaging bags,fast food containers and household hardware on the application of very much,especially the use of aluminum foil is the most important food packaging. (12) Reproducibility The price of aluminum is far more general carbon steel,but easy to use recycled remelting,as on Earth,and can be fully effective use of resources.

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Yes, thermal paste (otherwise known as

2011-11-28 06:30:29 by mrdesign2

Heat sink compound) is a very-very important part of the mount. It should cover the whole aluminum plate of such a thickness that a little will squeeze out when properly tightened down. It should be as thin as possible with the tightening, the excess can be wiped away from the edges if wanted, with the idea being there be no air gaps between the mating surfaces.
Oil getting on the ignition module doesn't sound good at all. Sounds like gasket or seal time.

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