How do I know if my computer overheating?

May 27, 2023 – 07:54 am
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Sounds unusual fan Most computers have two fans, one that cools the power supply and the other cools the processor. If a fan starts making an unusual noise, clicking, clunking, or sound or music sound, the fan may be defective. If the fan is the problem, always replace, not repair. Blue screen If a fan fails, the computer can start correctly but then start overheating. The most common result is a blue screen. If you continue to receive an error in Windows * and a blue screen, check the cooling fan and the air or from your computer's speed. Restart or stop permanently To avoid damage to the components, the computer shuts down or restarts when it detects an overheating problem. The system may reboot a few minutes until the problem is resolved. This often happens if your system processor is too high, accelerated beyond the speed limit recommended. The BIOS usually indicates if a thermal event occurred. Not based on CPU fan overheating When a processor overheating with all the fans running (assuming cleaning, location and recommendations are filled with ambient temperature), you may need to replace the thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink. The existing compound ultimately strengthens with time on most systems.

Consult a computer technician or buy a professional-grade thermal compound and replace it yourself, it follows all instructions and warnings.

High temperature If you use third party software to measure temperature readings or BIOS, contact the software vendor to ensure that the software is validated to work with your processor.


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I use this one

2012-05-23 13:55:10 by TattedMonkeyBoy

It comes with a fan but I don't use it, I go passive and then use SMCFanControl to better regulate temps.
Really I just like the elevation (it can be used a few different ways to change height) and to keep my lap cool, if the computer gets too hot it will shut down but I have never done that with my current MBP (I did with a 1st gen MBP, but it had a shitty heat sink compound application)

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