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May 12, 2023 – 03:12 am
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)是把一個電子配件的時脈速度提升至高於廠方所定的速度運作,從而提升性能的方法,但此舉有可能導致該配件穩定性下降。 Overclocking ( English : Overclocking) is to an electronic accessory clock speeds to higher speed operation set by the factory, so as to enhance performance of the method, but this may lead to decreased stability of the accessory.

Activities are mostly PC overclocking enthusiasts favorite, its purpose is to own a computer to play the strongest performance. Some users will buy low-end devices, and put them to high-end devices overclocking performance levels. However, more people will buy high configuration computer, through the senior secondary cooling system overclocking. The overclocking accessories and cooling unit prices and selection become overclocking enthusiast interest in the pursuit of their speed, will overclock as a sport.

In addition to overclocking can make to your computer hardware accelerated, some players will regard as an exciting game overclocking, overclocking is not as stable operation, so overclockers using different methods such as adding voltage , the DRAM of the CL ( Column Address Strobe latency) value adjustments, etc., so that the operation can be stabilized. In successfully overclocked beyond their own records and stable operation, would have a non-normal overclockers player's delight. Many overclockers will put their achievements into overclocking overclocking world records database in.

The computer overclocking usually PC users, use computers mostly assembled computers , but some computer manufacturers to produce overclocked computers, such as early years, manufacturers use a special cooling system produced by the Athlon 750MHz computer overclocked to 1000MHz In recent years, there are well-known manufacturers to produce up to 4.2GHz overclocked computers.

Overclocking need for more effective cooling devices, including better design the core central processor and video card chip heatsink. With air cooling typically uses copper heat sink and powerful fan, and water-cooled cooling effect is usually better than air cooling, because the water specific heat capacity larger. There's even a little high again like the refrigerator to cool the compressor cooling. But powerful cooling device also requires a large mounting space.

[ 编辑 ] Adverse effects [ Edit ]

The main consequence of overclocking can cause system instability, system temperature rises even damaged hardware, it was also considered that even after overclocking can stably operate, will shorten the life of electronic components, and currently most of the manufacturers will not overclock provide for any consequences arising from warranty or technical support.

[ 编辑 ] Often overclocking accessories [ Edit ]

Accessories are often overclocked CPUs , motherboards , graphics cards , and main memory .

[ 编辑 ] Cooling method [ Edit ]

  • Air cooling : Using a large metal heat sink (copper top) or with the fan, will produce heat conduction out. Some installation of the compressor in order to enhance the cooling effect.
  • Liquid cooling : the use of closed-loop liquid (usually water), the conduction of heat generated.
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Dry ice cooling

[ 编辑 ] Hardware overclocking limit [ Edit ]

Since the main central processor manufacturers have realized that users overclock their losses caused by computer problems, one reason is because most buyers will buy cheaper products to be overclocked to get the more expensive products with the same or higher performance, which shocks to the more expensive products.

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Yeah i have 8 @ PC2-6400

2012-10-30 21:36:09 by Done-zo

OC'd to a reserved speed of 920... 4x 2GB DIMMs
I have, legitimately, only maxed out the RAM one time... But, I was actually trying to do it as a stress test for the OC.
All ya gotta do is...
While running Windows 7 x64...
run Vista Home Premium x64 in SIX simultaneous virtual machines, only allocating 1GB of RAM to each VM. (Obviously, Vista will assimilate that whole 1GB just thinking about how much it sucks)
Then borrow your friend's WoW account to just stand in the middle of a Wintergrasp raid-battle, with graphics set as high as you feel comfortable setting them

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