Zaward Vapor120 - Review - Good heat sink, very basic but very efficient

August 29, 2013 – 03:08

I have already spoken in my opinion some time ago of a product that is not very often commented on the site, in fact, far from it, yet it is very important: the heat sink and in this case the heat sink mounted in the components of a PCs.

Its function is to lower the temperature of the electronic components that give off heat as processors and transistors.

prevents overheating

If the CPUs, or microprocessors that are the "brain" of the computer, did not have a heat sink, given the high heat they generate should be literally on fire ........

copper or aluminum.

Copper is used for better cooling in circumstances which require maximum efficiency, the aluminum is used for components that heat up less.

Copper costs more obviously.

In the form of a tower heatsink usually occurs with the slats that enhance the efficiency of removing heat to the component.

In the market there are several heat sinks which differ in the shape given that each component will require a different type, while with regard to the equipment of large dimensions, these have a heat sink mounted in the same frame.

Zaward Vapor120.

The Zaward CORPORATION is relatively young with a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo and a branch in the United Sates.

A company rather unknown in Italy and knew only by name, so I was very happy to test this product, not having yet been able to prove anything of Zaward.

is cylindrical in shape, aluminum

Due to its characteristics and specifications ensures a higher heat transfer from the CPU by increasing the effectiveness of the same in a sensitive and avoiding it from overheating.


Therefore, it presents a semi-cylindrical tower, consisting of pressed aluminum, with the slats that enhance the efficiency by removing heat to the component.

The tower consists of 46 aluminum fins profiles of excellent quality which ensure optimum heat dissipation.

The installation of a heat sink of this type is quite simple, you just have a little 'familiarity with the hardware.

The heatsink Zaward Vapor120 mounts horizontally.

• Compatibility: AMD 939/940/AM2/AM2 +, Intel 775/1366

• Material: High quality aluminum alloy fins, copper heatpipes

• Fan speed: 500-1500RPM

• Fan Connector: 4 pin with PWM

Included with the sink Zaward Vapor120 there are several accessories such as mounting brackets required for the various AMD and Intel sockets, rubber sealing rings for the fan, installation manual and a tube of thermal paste that is an excellent conductor heat that is necessary to apply when you install the heatsink on the CPU.

design has been patented with the effect of breathinga lower level of noise.

• The patented mounting kit is applicable for LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA775, AM3, AM2, AM2 + and K8.

• Excellent also the PWM function for speed adjustment.

• Application Socket

• Heatsink dimensions are 120 (W) x 50 (D) x 160 (H) mm


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Can I put a copper heat sink in the dishwasher?

2012-08-25 20:32:10 by Done-zo

Ive got an old format (478) copper Cooler Master heat sink from a build I gave my buddy awhile back.
He just gave the computer back to me, and the heat sink is disgusting.
Id rather not use 10 cans of air trying to get it clean. I dont think it would hurt it to put it in the dishwasher... but i just want to be sure.
anyone done anything like this?
anyone have a suggestion other than $20 in duster?
(it took a full day of soaking the base in isopropyl to get some of the grime chunks off)
been meaning to invest in an air compressor.... damn school payments...

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