Cooling pad notebook: models and their characteristics in comparison

May 11, 2023 – 03:09 am
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The choice of a good cooling pad for our notebook is very important, let's see what are the best models to choose from

The performance

This will list different types of cooling pads, with different characteristics, but the rule of thumb is that the best ones are always active ones, ie with the fans.
Other models have other advantages, but the most heat loss is achieved only by models with fans (fans).

A comparison of models

Logitech Cooling Pad N200: Pad equipped with a large fan, is suitable for laptops with screens measuring up to 16 inches, has two speeds and is powered via USB. The current price is about 35 €

Xilence T17: Cooling by fan, lit with LEDs (no special function, they are just lights), USB powered ensures low noise emissions because of materials Soundproof, can accommodate notebooks with screens up to 15.4 inches big. The current price is about 30 €

Cooler Master NotePal U3 cooler aluminum hybrid, dissipates heat both actively and passively. Fitted with 3 80 mm fans, ie small, removable, which help the passive dissipation. Can refrigerate large notebook, 17 or 19 inches. The transportation is very convenient, and indeed serves as protection for your PC, as you can fit inside it using it as a metallic shell. The current price is about 50 €. The Cooler Master is the leading manufacturer of cooling devices for PCs.

Xilence FL17: passive cooling pad, fanless, dissipates heat through the material it is made ​​of aluminum. It can accommodate notebooks up to 15.4 inches. The advantage is the complete absence of noise. The current price is about 20 €

ThermalTake iXoft: passive cooling pad very original: it is a mat composed of a special material that dissipates heat. You can fold or roll for easy transport. Cool notebook that can reach the size of 17 inches

Nilox ProTools 250 Cooling: Heat Sink with two active fan: 8cm, can bring PC up to 15.4 inches, is powered via USB.
The main advantage, besides the great fans, is the price: 10 €


CPU shim for XP 3200?

2005-05-02 13:42:40 by cheetos316

Buying a new Athlon XP 3200 chip for my system and the site recommended a copper shim that "Helps to protect the delicate CPU core during installation of the fan. Increases surface area of CPU to heatsink contact by 400% for better cooling." Is this something that is required? Is it worth the 10 bucks for this? I looked elsewhere to see if I can get the shim cheaper but it seems that there are only non-Barton ones and universal ones... Can I get away with using the universal ones like this one:
Or does anyone know where I can

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