Heat sink design BasicsMay 29, 2023 – 08:21 am

Heat sink design Basics

Led Heat Sink, Thermal solution - Led Connectors, Electronic enclosure

Heat sink design softwareMay 21, 2023 – 06:03 am

Heat sink design software

The heat sinks Electronics, passion - Ideas for those who play with electronics ( or work there) One of the problems often encountered by electronic designer is the need to dissipate the heat generated by the operation of the equipment in order to ensure the best operation. Many modern electronic equipment, they produce heat for many tens of watts, in some cases beyond 100: if this energy is not dispersed in the environment temperature increase easily…

LED LAMP heat sink designMay 11, 2023 – 03:09 am

LED LAMP heat sink design

Temperature To maximize the reliability and performance of the LED,it is essential to make a proper thermal management.Exceeding the maximum operating temperature of the LED,the light output and lumen maintenance lower and shortens the life of the lamp.Therefore,it is essential to perform the validation of the temperature of an LED by measuring the temperature for optimum performance. Usually manufacturers define the maximum operating temperature…