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May 28, 2023 – 08:10 am
Aluminium Extrusion Profile For Heat Sink - Buy Aluminium Heat

As a manufacturer, supplier and exporter with a factory in Taiwan, our main products include all kinds of aluminum heatsink. We constantly upgrade our products as per the technological changes and requirements in the fast flourishing industry. We have gained several patents in the field. It is our force to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small business to huge units fabrication.Si you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free for us contacter.Des investigations wholesalers, distributors, buyers, agents and OEM / ODM are welcome.

  • CH-001S: aluminum heat sinks in Heat Sink Lighting
    1. Good functional aerodynamics, good heat transfer.
    2. Designed for high pressure.
    3. Easy to install.
    4. With factory-very good service and quality.
    5. Inspected by SGS, etc.
    6. Equipment Inspection-tester universal tensile, ultrasonic flaw. We have provided a good heat sink sexuality, reflecting high durability and long life. They can be used in the field of engineering and various other related industries. Be very effective and the most welcomed in the market, it is difficult to find compatible substitutes.

  • CH-049 aluminum heat sink Heat Sink
    1. Certification ISO-certified. TUV, CE, GS.
    2. Packaging packaging is welcome.
    3. For example shipping, air, courier, shipping sea cargo to the CFS.
    4. Products-Device Electronics.
    5. LCL freight-shipping is acceptable.

  • CH-051: Heat Sink

    Heat Sink
    1. Packaging Carton, thick polybag, PVC film, pallets.
    2. Manufacturing sub-drilling, CNC milling, turning, punch

    These heat sinks, manufactured by us, consists of the aluminum heat sink section. They are recommended to be quite well and is applicable in various industries. Each heat sink section is made from high quality raw materials, using techniques of the most advanced production to ensure product quality.

  • CH-053: aluminum heat sink Heat Sink
    1. Mechanical brush-finish, polish, sandblasting etc.
    2. With factory-very good service and quality.
    3. Packaging Custom Packaging is wlecomed.
    4. Spec-Meeting with the international standard.

Our secret of success has been our management policy of adhering to business ethics in its dealing with customers assure you of on-time delivery of

aluminum heat sink

backed by prompted and careful after-sales service.


Tip: Mac minis, miniStacks, and heat.

2007-03-03 17:15:21 by MacinUser

A few weeks ago I bought an Intel Mac mini to replace my old AGP G4 tower as my server. At the same time I also bought a trio of Newer Tech "miniStack" hard drive enclosures for the three hard drives that were in my G4. Setup was a breeze.
The miniStack enclosures are well designed but there's almost no room inside for ventilation. The drive attaches to a metal plate which doubles as a heat sink, plus there's a small horizontally-mounted cooling fan on a thermal circuit (the sensor is taped to the top of the drive). I stacked the three drives on top of the mini and within half an hour the fans on all three drives were going full blast, and the heat sinks were too hot to touch

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