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May 11, 2023 – 03:09 am

TING YEW SUE, ROBIN 是本集團的執行主席兼董事長。 TING YEW SUE, ROBIN is the Group's Executive Chairman and Chairman. Mr. Chen is mainly responsible for the overall management and strategic planning and direction. He is also a special art of its subsidiaries Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd ("TOE") chairman, primarily responsible for overseeing operations in Singapore. In 1990 and 1995, he established the identity of pioneer entrepreneurs and expand the Vietnamese market.TAY MIAN CHEO, DAVID Mr. Chen in the oil and gas industry, processing modules and integrated system design, engineering and production with over 38 years of experience. Established in 1990 TOE Previously, Mr. Chen in 1968 and 1990 worked Hup Seng Marine Engineering Pte Ltd Operations Manager, primarily responsible for the daily management and operations. Hup Seng is one for the oil and gas industry engineering company providing services.TING TIONG CHING

是本集團的執行董事兼特藝石油能源有限公司的聯合創辦人。 TAY MIAN CHEO, DAVID is the Group's executive director and Technics Oil Energy Limited co-founder. Mr. Cheng Group's corporate leadership development, business and marketing strategy to expand in the Middle East, Asia, India and Africa's major businesses. Mr. Cheng also advocate with strategic partners to establish good relations of cooperation and alliances, in the same Dubai company Global Process Systems and contribute to our joint operations in Indonesia two new agreements have played a pivotal role. Mr. Cheng in the oil and gas field has more than 10 years of business development and sales experience, including six major business development in Vietnam. In Jia Rute Arts, Mr. Cheng in a precision engineering company Ritz Precision Engineering Pte Ltd as a sales and marketing manager.ONG SIEW PENG

是本集團的執行董事。 TING TIONG CHING, DEREN the Group's executive director. Deren joined the Group in 1998 as a sales engineer, then went to study in the UK. Deren has a Bachelor of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering diploma, and in 2002 again returned to the Group. Shi is currently responsible for planning and real business sector marketing strategy and business tables.

是本集團的獨立董事。 ONG SIEW PENG is an independent director of the Group. Mr. Wang is looking for small and medium enterprises in a strategic investment company Corporate Brokers International Pte Ltd as an executive director and corporate mediation and consultant. Since 2001, he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, corporate mediation matters, providing financial and management advice, strategic business planning and strategic investors looking for suggestions. He is also a local wholesaler of diesel engines in Asia Pacific PowerSource International Pte Ltd's executive director. He is also a local manufacturer of radiators and heat exchangers Perfex International Pte Ltd's executive director. On January 1, 2005, he was appointed as listed in SGX SESDAQ NH Ceramics Co., an independent director and audit committee chairman.

是本集團的獨立董事。 LIEW JAT YUEN, RICHARD is the Group's independent directors. He is currently at the National University of Singapore's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as a professor, but also its hazards, risks and mitigation program director. He is also an independent director of Wing South Holdings. He is a local registered professional engineer and ASEAN and the United Kingdom recognized professional engineers registered engineer. He works in the construction and offshore areas with extensive research and practical experience, and served many local and regional building and offshore engineering project consultancy. As a steel and composite structures in fire safety engineering as well as internationally renowned experts, he was tall and use a lot of steel building construction system design and construction to provide professional advice and participated in many developing design standards, product specifications and building practices and safety of the national and international committees, but also make a significant contribution to the many guiding principles.



Tip: Mac minis, miniStacks, and heat.

2007-03-03 17:15:21 by MacinUser

A few weeks ago I bought an Intel Mac mini to replace my old AGP G4 tower as my server. At the same time I also bought a trio of Newer Tech "miniStack" hard drive enclosures for the three hard drives that were in my G4. Setup was a breeze.
The miniStack enclosures are well designed but there's almost no room inside for ventilation. The drive attaches to a metal plate which doubles as a heat sink, plus there's a small horizontally-mounted cooling fan on a thermal circuit (the sensor is taped to the top of the drive). I stacked the three drives on top of the mini and within half an hour the fans on all three drives were going full blast, and the heat sinks were too hot to touch

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