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May 11, 2023 – 03:09 am
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To get rid of the heat
Electrical components and heat are like water and fire. To remove heat from components or subgroups safely and minimize failures due to overheating, electronic SEIFERT built for over 50 years heat sinks meet various applications and custom tailored exactly to meet and respective terms of use.

With our evocative slogan "The Heat S (th) ink Company, " we make on our site about 4500 square meters in Enneptal products "Quality made in Germany" the small heat sink pads mothers computers to groups of high power fans and heat sinks in liquid. With great depth of production and its great engineering skill, Seifert is able to respond flexibly and quickly to the most varied customer desires.

SEIFERT is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. A computer-controlled container, unique in Europe warehouse allows us to store 250 tons of high quality heat sink profiles. In combination with our sophisticated production facilities, the warehouse is the guarantor for fast delivery of standard and special sinks heat.

We design and manufacture special heat sinks in a constructive dialogue with our customers - in a timely and competent manner. SEIFERT specialists work hand in hand, both in the design of the simulation, measurement technology and manufacturing.

Through direct sales by SEIFERT or through our competent sales network partners, we are close to our customers around the world, our main markets, in addition to Europe, the United States, Africa and South Asia.

Discover skills SEIFERT electronic if you want your electronic equipment remain at the desired temperature and let us know your special needs - whether individual units or modular enclosures.


Jims 2006 Harley Davidson FXSTSI Springer Softail Cam Cover Heat Sink - Rawcut Black, Manufacturer: Jims, CAM COVER HEAT SINK BLK
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Jims)
  • Fits: 2006 Harley Davidson FXSTSI Springer Softail, CAM COVER HEAT SINK BLK
  • Cam Cover Heat Sink - Rawcut Black
  • Manufacturer: Jims
  • Photos are for reference only, please read title and product description carefully.

Tip: Mac minis, miniStacks, and heat.

2007-03-03 17:15:21 by MacinUser

A few weeks ago I bought an Intel Mac mini to replace my old AGP G4 tower as my server. At the same time I also bought a trio of Newer Tech "miniStack" hard drive enclosures for the three hard drives that were in my G4. Setup was a breeze.
The miniStack enclosures are well designed but there's almost no room inside for ventilation. The drive attaches to a metal plate which doubles as a heat sink, plus there's a small horizontally-mounted cooling fan on a thermal circuit (the sensor is taped to the top of the drive). I stacked the three drives on top of the mini and within half an hour the fans on all three drives were going full blast, and the heat sinks were too hot to touch

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