Zalman CNPS2X, a mini sink with great ability

August 29, 2013 – 03:08

Zalman cnps2x,mini-dissipatore dalle grandi capacitàZalman has just unveiled CNPS2X,a small jewel air designed for more compact systems where you can not install heat sinks in standard sizes.

The copper body,84mm in diameter,has a radial design optimized to enhance the transfer of heat to the outside,using a single copper heatpipes in direct contact with the CPU.Zalman cnps2x,mini-dissipatore dalle grandi capacità

The fan used is a 80mm PWM with speeds between 1500 and 2600 RPM,but with a noise impact of only 22.7dBA declared at full speed

The Korean manufacturer indicates a maximum cooling capacity of 120W,within which you place the majority of the production of both Intel and AMD.

The compatibility is guaranteed by means of adapters for socket AMX series,series FMx,LGA 115x and also for the older LGA 775,still very much appreciated by the mATX system builders.

The new heatsink should arrive on store shelves at the end of this month at a price of about 25 €,of course bundled with the thermal paste "the house" TSG-2M.


Noctua Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU Heat Sink With 2 Noctua Fans
PC Accessory (Noctua)
  • Award-winning NH-U12P Heatsink
  • Includes: 2x NF-P12 Premium Fan , 1x NT-H1 Thermal Compound
  • Complete premium value package that s backed up with 6 years manufacturer s warranty and contains everything you need
  • Compatible with the latest and greatest Intel family of processors!
  • Socket Compatibility: AM2, AM3, 775, 1366, 1156

Tip: Mac minis, miniStacks, and heat.

2007-03-03 17:15:21 by MacinUser

A few weeks ago I bought an Intel Mac mini to replace my old AGP G4 tower as my server. At the same time I also bought a trio of Newer Tech "miniStack" hard drive enclosures for the three hard drives that were in my G4. Setup was a breeze.
The miniStack enclosures are well designed but there's almost no room inside for ventilation. The drive attaches to a metal plate which doubles as a heat sink, plus there's a small horizontally-mounted cooling fan on a thermal circuit (the sensor is taped to the top of the drive). I stacked the three drives on top of the mini and within half an hour the fans on all three drives were going full blast, and the heat sinks were too hot to touch

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