REPLACES THE CERAMIC ALUMINUM - A new material in the manufacture of lighting

May 16, 2023 – 05:01 am
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Cologne in March 2013. - With ATV, Oktalite launches an LED projector with a ceramic heat sink. This new material provides an extremely flat and a CO 2 saving of up to 50% form.

At a height of only four centimeters, the QUAD is one of the thinnest LED projectors on the market. This miniaturized form is made possible by a ceramic heat sink that does not have a single LED chip, but directly from 15 separate LED modules that provide a total light output of 3600 lumens. The fact that the ceramic used has an effect of electrical insulation has allowed the manufacturer to dispense with using an additional plate. The ceramic on the other hand a decisive advantage over aluminum: it is much more thermally. The heat from the LED and can be discharged directly into the material. It also brings benefits in terms of sustainable development: it allows an assessment of CO 2 50% more favorable than aluminum. Ceramics being slightly more transparent, one obtains a glowing effect to the rear of the lamp. It is this slight transparency that makes a heat sink design element.

About Oktalite

Oktalite for over 30 years created exclusively for the presentation of goods in trade lighting solutions. With over 160 employees, including designers, architects, engineers, and his own research laboratory, Oktalite develops and manufactures lighting and innovative lighting concepts. The company is headquartered in Cologne and is represented as a subsidiary of TRILUX group over 34 sites worldwide.


Tip: Mac minis, miniStacks, and heat.

2007-03-03 17:15:21 by MacinUser

A few weeks ago I bought an Intel Mac mini to replace my old AGP G4 tower as my server. At the same time I also bought a trio of Newer Tech "miniStack" hard drive enclosures for the three hard drives that were in my G4. Setup was a breeze.
The miniStack enclosures are well designed but there's almost no room inside for ventilation. The drive attaches to a metal plate which doubles as a heat sink, plus there's a small horizontally-mounted cooling fan on a thermal circuit (the sensor is taped to the top of the drive). I stacked the three drives on top of the mini and within half an hour the fans on all three drives were going full blast, and the heat sinks were too hot to touch

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