Sapa, aluminum heat sinks extruded

May 13, 2023 – 03:18 am

Extruded aluminum is, due to its cost, weight and workability, superior to other materials and other forms of productivity. If we add the experience of Sapa, the result is unique

Sapa offers

Sapa, aluminum profiles for heat disipdores Experience in the design and development of heat sinks.

Advanced simulation equipment.

A network of specialists in metallurgy, mechanics, physics and chemistry.

Productive capacity, heat sink profiles between 0.05 and 65 K / m and width of 10 to 620 mm.

In Europe, Sapa is the only extrusion company has the knowledge and the technology to make high heatsinks fin ratio: ratio of 1:7 to 1:18 and increasing that proportion! and obtaining one piece

- Sinks lighter.

. - Greater heat dissipation.

. - Longer life than heat sinks with fins assembled sections.

. - Production cost (savings in labor costs, scrap and machinery).

Download, Sapa, experts dissipation of heat or our presentation


Crydom HS053 HEAT SINK, PANEL MOUNT, 0.5C/W, - 1, 2 OR 3SSRS
BISS (Crydom)
  • Price For: (Each) Application: SSR Dimensions: 6 × 6 × 3.5 In. Finish: Anodized, Black Material: Aluminum Primary Type: Extruded Surface Area: 694 In. Thermal Resistance:...

Mill finish aluminum acts as a heat sink

2006-09-10 13:12:26 by very_inefficient

Traditional aluminum windows suck, but the newer vinyl clad ones are nice...there's a huge range of quality in vinyl windows, some look cheap and others are comparable to clad alum. as far as looks go.
As far as movement and stability goes, vinyl frames tend to be succeptible to movement compared to aluminum, especially if they aren't carefully shimmed when installed (no spot shimming on sills allowed)- vinyl by itself isn't the greatest structural material. Aluminum on the other hand is a great structural material, especially when it's an extruded channel like they build windows out of

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Even if you prefer your coffee mild, buy the strong variety (each manufacturer offers a range from strong to mild), and just use less. Even if you use only 25 percent .. I use about 2 cups of plain table salt to a small sink of cold water.

Monster Monster Cable SS-6 Speaker Switcher for 6 Pairs of Speakers
CE (Monster)
  • High current amplifier protection circuitry allows you to use up to 6 speaker pairs without damaging your amplifier.
  • Accepts any gauge speaker cable terminated with Monster Angled Gold Pin connectors.
  • High quality extruded aluminum chassis for heat dissipation.
  • High current resistors with aluminum finned heat sinks for maximum power delivery, up to 150 watts per channel.
  • 24k Gold contact spring-loaded connectors for maximum signal transfer and easy cable hookup.

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