Zero Heat Coating

May 23, 2023 – 06:28 am

How does it work?

Heatsink coating comprises agglomerated granulometrically loads of different sizes, which act together to capture the humidity in the environment and eliminate conjunction with the sun's rays.

Mechanisms of action
• hygroscopic
• Reflectance

• reflectance
• Emittance

• The ability of a substance to absorb moisture or lease the environment
• Our exclusive formula absorbs moisture between 7 and 10% of its weight
• It evaporates due to the incidence of solar rays
• With surrounding wind action, reduces surface temperature and cooled.

• Measured in percentage of radiant energy or radiant flux that is reflected, transmitted or absorbed by a material or surface
• Contains hygroscopic salts that take moisture from the air in a percentage, and this provides great heat dissipation on the surface where it is applied (over 25 ° C at times of more heat) coupled with this has an intense white albedo than 94%
• Reflecting without heating, the spectrum of solar radiation including infrared and ultraviolet rays harmful

Feature of some materials to bend light or solar radiation.

• Ability to shed excess heat.

NOT a waterproof and is made only in white, this is because together with the charges, the white color enhances the reflection of the sun's rays and is more efficient.

Types of surfaces where applicable: Concrete, polyurethane sheet galvanized and black, asbestos, fiberglass, polycarbonate, acrylic, glass, tanks, ducts, silos, aluminum, stainless steel, etc..

Types of surfaces suitable to apply: primer aluminum surfaces moisture repellent (silicone sealant, etc.).

What benefits are achieved when applied? Lower heat, reduce the mechanical movements of the treated surfaces. In the roofing sheet, considerably low temperature, at least 15 ° C and decreases the effect of heat transfer to the interior of the building. On the other hand is a very important blocking further oxidation prolonging the life of the blades.

Evaluation of results: Examples sheet: the result is applied immediately after the product dry. On tiles after 72 horas.Toda this information is based on the result of laboratory tests, performed for long. They are accurate and reliable. However, we can not guarantee the results obtained with our products, but we have known beforehand to the application, and can not be responsible if the desired results are not achieved.


3M COMPANY 3M Sound Deadening Pad 08840 Sold as 1 Each
Automotive Parts and Accessories (3M COMPANY)
  • sound deadening pads work to suppress noise and vibration in panels
  • 3M Sound Deadening Pads are conformable to allow easy fitting around a variety of stamped shapes
  • OEM-matching diamond emboss
  • 500 mm x 500 mm (19 inches x 19 inches)

Yes Vinegar is an acid and liquid plumber

2008-07-28 19:26:40 by JerseyScrounger

Is a base, they will react and release some heat, so mix them together slowly as I said. It is usually a good idea to open a window for fresh air as well, since it can be stinky.
Vinegar is a very mild acid and will work well for this, and most homes will have it. You can also neutralize Liquid plumber with lemon juice, but it will take lots, because it is such a weak acid.
Many plumbers will not work on pipes once liquid plumber is put down the sink. They can get chemical burns from it. Do not plunge the sink without adding vinegar or lemon juice to neutralize the liquid plumber

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