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The lapping (lapping or in English ) is a mechanical operation that is performed on a surface metal , ceramic or glass , in order to minimize its roughness ; using appropriate abrasive is possible to bring the mirror surfaces.

The gears spiroelicoidali for their shape can not be burnished with tools, but only with a lapping compound ( compound for lapping).

A product for lapping operations may be aqueous-based or oil-based, and can be dispersed inside any type of abrasive:

The use of these products is industrial and it can serve for the running of bevel or the flat lapping operations.

In the field of mechanical precision lapping is performed on steels after treatment of quenching , especially for the construction of molds for plastic products when you want to get very shiny and transparent as a pitcher for the ' water or a lighthouse ' car, or for molds for the production of household items that can be easily washed by hand or in a dishwasher . The surface treated mold steel is obtained with sandpaper or emery fine-grained, see materials mentioned above (diamond powder, silicon carbide, etc..). The lapping in the molds of plastics is very difficult because it is usually done by hand because it passes by the use of sandpaper coarse after the processing of the matrix or punch of the machine tool ( milling , EDM etc..) and are used as increasingly fine grains and then use the products mentioned above. Lapping is also used in jewelry and is usually performed by hand or with rotary brushes of felt depending on the objects to be lapped.

The operation is also performed by assemblers in own of personal computer to improve the dissipation of the heat generated in the CPU during operation. The operation consists in making it possible to smooth the surface of contact between the CPU and the heat sink . The lapping it is sometimes necessary for the poor quality of the finish machining of the heatsink itself.
The major difficulties are given by the treatment of the surface of the CPU, which may be plastic or ceramic . Of fundamental importance is the quality of the thermal paste to be interposed between the surfaces, is this that ultimately eliminates the veil of air and determines the efficiency of thermal transfer. typically using a white paste called "silicone" that does not conduct electricity. Where it is not necessary that the dough does not lead electricity you can use a more expensive paste based on silver which further improves the transmission of heat

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A consideration should be made ​​on the material it is made ​​of the heat sink: we need to evaluate whether it is worth taking the time and patience to lead to mirror the contact area of a heat sink in aluminum , or if choosing copper , which has a thermal conductivity of 1 6 times higher, greater efficiency is achieved without the need for lapping.
Another trick to increase the heat transfer to the surrounding air is made ​​from the operation of blasting heat sink: the countless depressions caused by the strong impact of sand grains will increase by a small percentage of the radiating surface.


Moisture will condense on the cold water pipe

2013-05-25 13:26:24 by tarragon_man

If it is a metal pipe or any material that quickly transmits heat. Remember how the toilet tank "sweats" in the summer because the cold water filling the tank cools the tank below the dew point, especially when the shower is running. Sometimes you will see puddles under the toilet tank.
I suggest that you get an old pillow and a trouble light and lay on your back looking up into the cabinet while cold water is running in the sink. Look for "dew" on the cold water supply. Also look for water stains on the under side of that limestone counter top.

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