Learn how to apply thermal paste on the processor

May 20, 2023 – 05:37 am
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An item that is of great importance in any computer is the thermal paste. It is the component that sits between the heatsink and the CPU cooler. Its main function is to increase the adhesion between these components, so that the CPU is cooled more efficiently.

The thermal Folders can be easily found in any electrical store / electronics, or even online stores. There are numerous models, ranging from several brands and materials that make up the folders.

You can find folders of R $ 5.00 to folders over £ 70.00. The cheapest are composed primarily of silicon, and the most expensive are made almost entirely of silver - there are still others that have ceramic composition, and others come with copper, steel or aluminum.

The processor model "in-box" come with coolers and thermal paste suitable Coolers usually also come with new thermal paste, so if you purchase one of these products will not need to worry about it.

If you are not adept at overclocks , there is no need to spend much money on buying thermal paste. For home users, the most common ones should do the trick.

When moving the thermal grease?

It is recommended to replace the thermal paste each time you take the CPU cooler because the cooler to replace the old folder with the grip decreases. Yet you continue with the current thermal paste, your computer will work better than if there was no thermal paste, however, is likely to increase the average temperature of the processor, which will make the life of it decreases.

Some people also recommend that if you replace the thermal paste every six months because the heat causes it to dry, but this period of life will depend on the composition folder. Another fact is that the thermal pastes have validity period, usually three years.

And if you do not use thermal paste?

Caution! Avoid using your computer if it is no thermal paste. As the processor and heat sink are not microscopically smooth (although apparently look like they are), the contact between them is not perfect, which makes the cooler does not cool the processor properly because there is a small layer of air between the two that did not allow this to occur.

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Thermal grease and more Qs

2011-09-05 16:29:58 by guddu

The Thermal compound is Intel PnE94211-001. More than that i dont know about it. The comp Repair Guy uses it almost all the time with great results.
I have used the thermal grease on top of CPU, not on top of GPU.
The bluTack looking spongy material is on the top of GPU as shown on the pic .
The blueTack looking spongy material is kind of spacer, i guess. Also there is some kind of plastic on top of GPU so i can not apply Thermal grease on GPU.
Now, I partly put together the laptop parts to check the fan

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